Our Response to the Ebola Crisis

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Through Prayer we:

Engage the communities through the churches of Liberia for prayer and local action.

Use personal and professional networks and organize churches and communities to prepare for and prevent the spread of Ebola. This is done through meetings, regular services, prayer groups, conferences.

Produce material to Instruct and inspire. These are distributed to pastors and church leaders to help guide them in how they can respond to this crisis through strategic prayer and also preparedness and proaction toward cases of Ebola in their communities.

Where there is fear lead the church bringing faith and assurance of care.

Through Teaching we:

Provide Ebola education to villages and communities where we have a relationship with the leaders.

Help focus efforts toward prevention and a dignified response to those who have been quarantined or isolated, also those who need re-integration.

Bring the community together to combat the problem through prevention of transmission. (The initial and current responses to the crisis have mostly been around treatment. )

Make others aware of the need for provision of special health care material.

Through Provision we:

Can always be prepared to give  Food and other life sustaining materials.

Avoid food shortages, which many fear may be the next disaster in Liberia.

Provide funds needed to procure and distribute rice and other basic food supplies.

Through Faith and Action we:

Remember that this is bigger than all of us. Only God’s intervention can stop the spread of this disease. Meanwhile, we must work and stand together. Some have given their lives already in this struggle, more will die, but we can not give up.

With God’s help the Ebola crisis can be ended. Many are helping, USA, China, Canada, Cuba, the UN and agencies around the world are pouring support in on a large scale. Yet we have seen from the past in places like Haiti, and Liberia previously, efforts done by small groups, like GML, can make a lasting difference,

Because we are using God’s intended instrument, the church, to take the lead we are acting in Faith. We will engage the church using our CHE and TOT training models.

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