Saa Blama

Pastor Saa Blama (Active)
Saa joined GML as a radio announcer doing vernacular Bible Teaching. He speaks and writes the Kissi language and during the Ebola out break helped to reach out to the Kissi people with announcements and critical information in their language.
Saa also works as an assistant pastor at the Winners Chapel, GSA Road.
He has taken our Basic literacy training, and worked in literacy and training prior to his radio work. He also teaches others to read and write Kissi.
Saa had polio as a child so has some challenges in this regard, but he is active in many ways for the Kissi people. He has pursued support for Ebola orphans, most of whom are Kissi as this is the area hardest hit by the disease in 2013/2014. He promotes Christian family values and Biblical teaching on his radio programs aired through ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa radio sponsored by SIM).