God Cares for Us.

 We are thankful to God for all the ways He cares for us.

We’re half way through dry season enjoying daily temperatures in the 90’s. Thinking of all we want to do before rainy season arrives.

The final arrival and release, then unloading and distribution of the container from Thunder Bay, was BIG. We opened the container Saturday, Jan 30, at 9:30 am. Ten hours later we drove the tractor the nine miles to our place. Over the next few days, the generator, saw, and a few other things were transported to New Gate from ELWA. Now we are installing insulation, setting up equipment and preparing housing for the tractor and the generator before rainy season in April.

ELWA Hospital, Trinity Dental Clinic and Life Water were on hand to help unload things and receive their goods.There were many helping hands and good team work. I could go on about the day but will leave it at that. You can find a picture report here: Container Unloading, google

One of the greatly anticipated items in the MEMO container was a wheelchair for ABC. ABC lives in Bong County. He had polio as a child and is the same age as James and finds it difficult to manage his hand crank machine. He called everyday in January to see how things were going and prayed fervently for its release.

James delivered ABC’s wheel chair Saturday morning, Feb. 13 . James got home late Saturday night. Sunday morning we got a call from Gbarnga, saying ABC had “fallen off.”  He had a stroke and was hospitalized. We were thankful James was able to deliver his promised mobile chair before he “fell off”. We are praying he will get well and have a full recovery.

New Gate church has a visitor almost every Sunday. Last Sunday it was James’ twin sister. She was in town for medical treatment, as her body was swollen up.  Thanks to Dr. Sacra, she was given medication and her swelling has reduced substantially. Praise the Lord!  She has need of the love and grace of the Lord.

Little Surprise, a two year old who has been part of the church since she could be carried by her sister, has been sick. She also saw Dr. Sacra and did some tests. A couple rounds of antibiotics were prescribed and we are monitoring her weight gain and temperature. Surprises’ mother and her new little brother, Benny, have started coming to church. This is a direct answer to prayer.

The two boys from our church, who died from heat exhaustion, have not been buried yet.  The reason is that somehow the release of their bodies from the hospital morgue is dependent on the families covering the cost of the house that was burnt down. The families have no way of paying this so have left it, saying, let the government bury them. Their brothers continue to attend service and are active members in the congregation. Thank you for your prayers for this family.

James and I were scheduled to speak at a conference of the Methodist churches in Bong County at the end of January. Vehicle problems interfered with our plans so we did not attend the conference. We are praying for better vehicle.

For the next three months, we have set a goal of finishing our two projects at the New Gate Community Center. The first one is putting in the wood floor of the upstair of the library. After that, the tower apartment completion willl be our next focus. We have installed all the insulation, electrical wiring and most of the plumbing.

God’s care is not always according to our plans. Solomon said even the godly don’t know if God will bless them. Job said “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” Trusting God, and knowing His peace and joy in the midst of life’s challenges is a lesson I continue to learn.  One thing I can say is “God’s love endures forever.”

Thank-you all for your love, prayers, notes, letters, and investment in the Church in Liberia.

God be with you, Kathleen for all of us.

ABC riding his new electric wheel chair.

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