James and Kathleen talk about the Ebola Response



by K. Ngenda


Today I live,

Today I grieve,

Today I pray,

Tomorrow will be a gift.

Tomorrow will be a greater grief.

Tomorrow I will pray.

I will pray

and I will stand and pray,

And I will walk and pray

and I will wait and pray.

To whom do I pray

and how do I pray

and what do I say.

“Oh God, I am waiting.

Please come

We are dying

we can not do


without You.”

“Please come today

You’ve come before

I heard of it

It seems many don’t believe it

But I am here


Today I love

my heart is full

it could not hold anymore

and that is why it is broken.

Tomorrow I will love

and reach out to find someone

to share with.

(This poem was written October 14, in the middle of  James time in Liberia. He was there August 15 to November 28.)


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