Many Waters, Many Smiles, Many Stories, Many Miles

Many waters…

rainy season is almost over.

Many smiles…

On Sunday, as we sing and play and ponder Christ’s work in our hearts and lives. “Oh, Melvina, do you love Jesus? Oh, yes, I love Jesus.”

Our small churches need for parents to attend is ongoing. We have  a 1 to 4 ratio of adults to children on most Sundays. We are thankful to God for the strength to carry on, but we are praying for others to join who can help with the children. 

Besides the many smiles on Sunday we have many children coming to use the library throughout the week. They love to read the Bible story books and play checkers. They also love to lie on the big rug and do puzzles and build with connects or lego. 

There is also the smile on Eric and Betty’s faces. They are thankful for little baby, Esther, and also that she is using her diapers. Her first few weeks she was losing weight but now is gaining.

Eric, Betty, Linda and Esther
Eric, Betty, Linda and Esther


Many stories…

God is faithful, what an encouragement to take time to hear from those around us and see God’s hand at work.

First, ABC, and his mobile wheel chair. ABC received his new scooter the day before he had a stroke. That was in February. Since then James has been visiting him about once every other month. ABC is improving, gaining strength and ability. We were able to help him with a hand push wheel chair while we wait for him to get his strength back to drive his scooter. He is a man of hope and vision.

Then there is Francois and his wife, Juliet. They came to visit us last week to share their ongoing vision and desire to serve God. A few years ago they had travelled from Guinea to attend a Discipleship program. The program ended abruptly and they were stranded. No money, no English, no where to go. GML was able to give a scholarship for our ESL class, at New Gate. and then Francois worked for us as a maintenance man. Sometimes he would walk the five miles home from work as there was no money for transportation.

Former English Language students, now doing mission work in Lofa County
Former English Language students, now doing mission work in Lofa County

After they left us, God guided them into other opportunities for training under another mission. From there they have been working in community health with a relief organization and are part of a church plant in a Muslim community in Lofa County  They believe God is calling them to full time mission work and are taking steps in an interview process with a mission agency. They asked us to pray for them as they seek God’s provision and guidance in this process.

James’ story is about his new ring. Last year James’ ring was stolen. The goldsmith who made the replacement encouraged us to make the returning a special occasion. So we did a tune up on our vows Sept. 11, to celebrate the new wedding ring.  It was a wonderful day of friends and fellowship. A happy ending to a sad story.


Many miles…

Seem to stretch between us and our family and friends. Life changes so quickly and our pace is irregular and unfamiliar to many. How do we keep connected?

Choosing the title for our newsletter “Many waters” just seemed to fit. The next morning I sat down to read the Song of Solomon and in the end of the book there is the phrase, “Many waters can not quench love.” I have been thinking about love a lot lately and what guides my heart.

In a country like Liberia your heart is easily torn apart by all the poverty, injustice and need so if you are not careful you become overwhelmed and your heart may fail.

Also, in Liberia many waters describes the deluge of rain and need round us. It is like the never ending flood.

I have been aware lately of having what seems like a hard heart. I am not “generous” and “compassionate” the way I should be. And yet I know that I am passionate and committed to serving Christ in Liberia. What would Jesus say to the lying, grasping poor, who would rather lie than do an honest day’s work?

What would Jesus do for the hungry children who are neglected by their families in so many ways. No guidance, no protection, no nourishment for the soul. I do not want them to be my dependents, but to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Friend and depend on his hand of guidance and love. How do I do this?

Many waters can not quench love. My love has not diminished but what perhaps has changed is my need to “fix” people and their problems and think I’m helping God. My love should take me to my knees in prayer, not to putting on my Super-Christian cape.

May my Love for Jesus give me a heart that is compassionate and gracious in a way that will lead others to Him. May Jesus forgive me for my own lack of love for others and show me how to be a loving caring Christian in Liberia.

“ Many waters cannot quench love neither can the floods drown it.” 

Song of Solomon 8:7

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