On the other hand… Ebola!

Dearest praying friends,

For a few days now, it has been impressed upon me to write you another short report. Personally, I am feeling quite well. Thank God!! My 21 days will be up on Friday. I am taking my temperature twice a day. My average since September 1 is 36.04. There is no health concern, just praises. I have also lost over 30 lbs. The pain in my joints and hip areas has greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the Ebola virus continues to be a great concern to everyone. Very little is being done by our government to help. In fact, they are not in charge of the situation anymore. MSF, RedCross and other international aid organizations are the ones running our health care system, if there is any such thing.

With all of that, there is also the worsening of daily living. “Managing by the grace of God” has now become the familiar chorus when you ask how people are dealing with the crisis.

Friday during our prayer time the Lord brought “ABC” in Gbarnga to mind. After prayer, I got his number from Moses. If the physically fit are struggling to make ends meet, imagine how the disabled are managing. I called him and told him that the Lord had brought him to mind that morning and I had prayed for him.

“How are you doing ABC?” I asked

Cumulative Cases of Ebola
Cumulative Cases of Ebola

‘Well,’ he said, “We are managing by the grace of God.” He is employed by the church school and since all schools are shut down because of the crisis, he has no income, but he has to live. I told him I would to send him and his family 2 bags of rice and soup money.  All he could say is “thank you Rev.” He gets his gift tomorrow.

On Saturday I got a call from a friend who is the chairperson in her community. A family in that community had lost their father to the Ebola virus. The government was called several times to come and remove the body. They finally came.

When asked by the community to quarantine the family and make provisions for the 21 days, they were told the government could not help. There was no resources available for that. The community chair lady called me and asked if I could come to their aid. I got her 2 bags of rice, 3 gals of oil and gave her soup money for the 21 days of quarantine.

I called Pastor Hilary early last week and asked him if he could identify 10 needy families in his community (behind Carver Mission) to receive a bag of rice each. He did and they got their rice Friday. Now, some of his community members won’t speak to him because he left them out and he was swamped with requests. We are working on getting rice to 10 more needy families.

We are also working on finishing the distribution of the fliers and mobilizing more prayer. Those who have received them have welcomed the idea and are using it and telling others about it. Please keep praying that a grassroots prayer movement will be raised to intercede for Liberia.

Keeping fervent in prayer, James

Some notes from MOH Situation report in Liberia, Sept 9, Margibi County

  • 147 contacts completed 21 days of follow-up
  • Save-the-Children discovered(15)families in the Mamba-Kaba and Kakata Districts with a total of 40 vulnerable children whose parents have died from Ebola.
  • Affected children, rejected by the Community in Dolo Town, are living in a school building


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