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Out my front door, planted recently,
is Aloe Vera. A gift from my friend, Christine. She was recently the mayor of Bentol, and now more recently moved to her eternal home.

Mrs. C. T. N. was a friend, indeed,
and I am sad to know she has left,
with so much still undone.

Libraries and teaching:
two of the things we shared a love for.
She was a lively active voice. Discordant with the national anthem at times, but always in tune with a heart of love for her country.

More than my friend she was:
President’s daughter
Minister of Education
and follower of Jesus.

She never forgot who she was,
nor let her passion die for bettering Liberia.
I can not say we always agreed, but I never doubted her faith or ability to lead. One thing I perceived was Christine had difficulty gaining the trust and true friendship of the indigent Liberians who have suffered the objectification of their ‘birth’ as tribal people or ‘country’ folk.
I hope in her rest she finds the peace of knowing ‘well done’ and the Liberians who held her at arms length can pause to ponder the loving generous heart
she had beneath a commanding exterior.
She was always about the business
of finding ways to help others.
I will miss her.
She was a friend to me.

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