Prayer points for Ebola Virus Crisis

Ebola Cumulative map 7-28
Liberia Ebola Cumulative deaths to July 28, 2014, by county.

August 1, 2014

Dear friends,

Many of you have heard of some of the recent challenges to combat the Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa and treat those who have contracted it. The reports we hear are difficult to put into perspective but we are gravely concerned. The Canadian Government had said only essential travel to the area is advised. The Liberian Government has closed schools, restricted travel in and out of the country and said that there should be no meetings of more than five persons.

We have been in constant contact with Moses and have asked him to put in place precautions to protect himself and others in the community. He has had health experts come and advise the people of how to protect themselves.

We have many friends and family in Liberia. They are limited in their access to news and information about Ebola and so at greater risk for contracting the disease from others. Those who are sick are often careless of whom they come in contact with and this makes it more dangerous, as the virus can spread by contact with body fluids, including sweat.

Health care workers have had many casualties and hospitals are being closed because they can not contain the disease or their staff refuse to work. In Liberia, one in three deaths have been health care workers.

Burial of the deceased is a challenge as the body is still infectious and handling it can lead to others catching the virus. Sometimes there is no one to bury the dead.

Please Pray with us for the situation:

Today we are praying for those who have been infected. They have a thirty percent chance of recovery.

We are praying for those who are working to treat those who are ill: doctors, nurses, lab technicians, decontamination crews, burial crews, construction crews and many more.

We are praying for those who are making decisions regarding prevention at a regional, national and local level: in Liberia, Samaritan’s Purse and SIM are working with the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.

We are praying for those who are afraid of the disease and do not know how to protect themselves or their family. Some have become violent and are destroying property and causing more fear.

We are praying for those who know they may have the disease but are afraid to tell anyone, that they will seek treatment and avoid spreading it to others.

We are praying for those who are trying to tell others how to avoid the disease, that their message will be understood and people will take it seriously.

We are praying for a miracle: “They were all terrified…But Jesus spoke to them at once, ‘Don’t be afraid,’ he said. ‘Take courage! I am here!’ And he climbed into the boat…” Mark 6:50

We are praying for wisdom as we prepare to return to Liberia to be in HIS service,

James and Kathleen Ngenda EFCCM Missionaries to Liberia

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