TOT participants, with James, New Gate Center.


August 22, 2018

Field Report

After an Ebola crisis, one year extended leave from active ministry, and time to regroup, March 2018, saw us back leading our CHE Training of trainers program again. It took us awhile to organize and get the word out to our various network of pastors and contacts. Once the word got out, and the funding was in place, it all came together.

We had participants come from the interior and suburbs around Monrovia. In total, 15 participants attended for a three day workshop. Normally, the workshop is held over five days.

One take away for me, James, was the level of appreciation we received. These men and women felt very positive about the time we spent together. Some expressed their desire to have the program extended in their area for others pastors who cannot afford to travel to Monrovia.

As we restart the CHE training program we hope to  extend to more areas where we will be able to give more pastors the opportunity for training. We feel strongly that the program will be especially beneficial to people in rural areas.

Our major challenge going forward with the TOT, is to have two or three other trainers work with us to do the training. Planning, organizing and conducting the program with just the two of us, was a busy time, and we hope to train others to help us for future sessions. Another couple enjoyable events were visiting two schools where we shared drinking water systems. We were able to instruct the students and equip their schools with a water filtering system. Early World is a private school that caters primarily to kids from very needy homes in our community. Their only source of water for the students is an opened shallow muddy well. The other school was the Dementa community school in Bong County.

Alex Sackie, Principal of Demetah school receives Clean Drinking Water system
Clean Drinking Water

We are Thankful for the way we can be hands and feet sharing health and the GOOD NEWS of Christ. Other ways we have done this recently is through emergency medical intervention when a husband and father was critically ill, helping roof a pastor’s house, when his roof was blown away, and helping various families in our community with food and clothing. (James)

A Summer Report

September 6, James flies back to Liberia.  Since he arrived in Canada, June 24, we have travelled many miles, visiting churches, friends, and attending meetings. If we missed you, we are sorry. Our last week of August was a marriage retreat, arranged by our director, Petros. If you need some time away, ask him for a recommendation.

As James goes, our hearts are burdened for the church in Liberia, and the church in Canada. May God’s Spirit call us to be and do that which will honour Christ and may we bear fruit that will last.

Establish the work of our hands…in Liberia, and in Canada.

TOT participants, with James, New Gate Center.
TOT participants, with James, New Gate Center.