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The Designer

Learning a new software or any new technology is like getting into the mind of the designer. They did it a certain way to make it work a certain way. They have a need. They have a plan. And they have found a way to meet the need with the plan.
I was reminded of this while doing my online course. I’ve been working with the software for over four months now, but just understood how to change the name of a file. It took me four months to figure out the intuitiveness of the design was that you could change the name only when you were directly working with the file. This protects you from the error of changing the name on the wrong file.
When I discovered my new skill, I shared it with another member of my online class and he told me that it took him awhile longer to learn the design of the elevator in their work place. Fourteen years, of riding up and down the elevator, before he realized the designer had made the elevator signal up with two bells, and down with one. How helpful is that. You are waiting for the elevator and want to go up, but it is going down. You hear the bell ring once, and know you have to wait. Interesting. Heav/en, two syllables, two bells. Hell, one syllable, one bell.
Designers have an idea, a plan, and purpose to what they are doing.
This reminds me of the wonder of learning the designs of God. God has a plan a purpose, an idea. He made things a certain way.
When I see something new, I ask, so what was the Designer thinking? What is the purpose for this? I always assume there is a plan, and that whoever has the plan knows what they are doing.

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