Washing the Rice

How many of you wash your rice before you cook it?
When I cook rice I wash it three times. There is dust, and some husks and often bugs in my rice when I wash it. This is the way it is with Country rice. It is organic and the best rice in the world. But bugs can get into it, and when they do, they thrive.
We’ve been eating country rice in Liberia since our first year. It is proven by research to be the best rice in the world for nutritional value. But it is not easy to find, and if you don’t process it yourself, you get something that looks like white rice, with small red spots, there are rocks in it usually and often bugs.
We call it Red Rice, because of it’s colour or Country rice, because of it’s origins. It is grown up in the interior (up Country). Liberian’s don’t like their country rice too much. Many think anything “country” is inferior or of little value. This is a sad reflection of the misconceptions created by foreign influence. If you are “country” in Liberia you are backwards, uneducated, ignorant and easily taken advantage of.
How sad it is too see people feeding their children cornmeal and soya blend, from WHO, when they can get country rice and feed their children on the best rice in the world. The corn/soya blend is hard to digest and causes other problems.
There is a high percentage of heart disease and diabetes in Liberia from eating refined white imported rice, when they could have been eating the local grown, unrefined, red rice and getting the minerals their body needs.
I think of these things and I think of the church and I see a parallel. It seems we are choosing to eat the social media of refined “thinking” instead of feasting on the wisdom and truth God’s word.
We are swallowing down humanistic teaching and scientific research, that is short on tenure-ship for truth and relevancy and long on error and misguided thinking for steering societies and nations. When we can be looking at historical accounts of the human condition and how it has erred and been redeemed and how we can make things better by finding our place in God’s plan for the nations.
Before the settlers came to Liberia, they were exporting rice to Europe. They had a surplus of their grain. Today, they are importing from India and China, rice that is poor quality and little nutritional value.
Liberians eating the rice that God has given them would improve their health and support their local markets. Yes, it has some dirt and rocks in it but when we wash the rice we recognise that life is not perfect. Bugs get in things. It happens. But it doesn’t mean there is not good there. God’s plan is still intact. We just have to do some washing and cleaning. When we try to get away from washing the rice, we are improving our lives somewhat, but we are losing so much more in taste and overall value.
Let us not give up on God’s plans. They are not an “easy way,” but they are the plans that give the best results.

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