View from the hill into Voinjama, Lofa County, Liberia

William here…

 Hey everybody, it’s William here. 

Just wanted to send out an update to all you people who support my parents, whether through prayer, money, or just by being there. I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure how it should go. 

Anyway, life in Liberia goes on, usually taking things forward. Over the past few years, my siblings have left, leaving me with responsibilities I slowly grow into. The kids in our church try to develop in a culture that too often stifles anything different from itself. The library continues to develop, under my parents careful guidance. Many different gardening projects grow to maturity, then wither away into compost for the next one. I too grow, but thankfully do not wither.

My most important project last year was to surpass my mother’s height. I failed, that year, but managed to achieve it by March this year. As I grow, a missionary child, I more fully appreciate the effect our ministry has on people.

Our church is mostly made up of children, as I’m sure you know, many of whom I spend time with outside of church, playing soccer, having them come over to visit, or even just walking through the community, and sitting down for a few minutes chat with. Please pray for these children and their continuing road to a life with Jesus, would be very appreciated.

Games day at New Gate Center

My life here is not fully wrapped up in our ministry. I just finished my fourth week of school and realised that there is much work to be done. It’s funny how every year, I think that I won’t be cowed by amount. The week before school started, my computer, with two years of files on it, broke. Ever heard of the Click of Death? I wish I never heard it. One of my good friends, of seven years, left Liberia in August. To say this overshadows starting school and losing my laptop is an understatement. I get tired and stressed out from all the things going on at home, think about going to visit someone, and realise that I have no one to go visit.

As I said before, life in Liberia goes on. My life here is governed by our ongoing ministry, but is not defined by it. Next year, I move on, to my last years of high school in Canada. If you are wondering about prayers, please pray that I, and my siblings in university, have a good year of school, and that I am able to find a good friend here. 

Also, as I said earlier, for the children who come to our church. Farther down the road, when I move back to Canada for my last high school years, that we will find a home for me to live in.

Thanks for the read. William

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